Wrecking Crew

Foiling the Villainous Senator Alabor

Zardoz and Bassianus foil a senator’s plot to bring a wrecking crew to the Gloaming. They also fend off some wererat assassins.


Steven, playing Bassianus (human fighter 1).

Marc, playing Zardoz (half-elven bard 1).


With their new found dragon wealth (that is to say wealth garnered from finding a home for the dragon as opposed to the more traditional slaying of the dragon) Zardoz and Basso decided to spend some money.

Zardoz went back to the orphanage (which is attached to the temple of the Torchbearer on level 3) and was recognized by the nun in charge, Sister Aruna. He donated 278 gold pieces and offered to teach the children music.

Zardoz also took on the project of finding a place for them to have a benefit concert — orphan-aid if you will. However, when he asked around in the Gloaming about using the park for the concert he found that folks were not particularly keen on the idea. The park is a shared space, but not a space for performing in and everyone in the Gloaming seems to feel that way. Since there didn’t seem to be a good spot to have a concert Zardoz hit on the idea of having a benefit parade. Streets and alleyways are one thing Caldera has aplenty.

Basso, ever the pragmatist, wanted some new armor. His first thought was to buy from the military, but military armor has a certain look about it that says, “I’m in the military.” And Basso doesn’t like to misrepresent himself so he asked around to find an arms dealer and ended up talking to Varum, an ex-mercenary. Varum introduced him to the gnome.

The gnome took measurements and a week later had a new set of scale for him with a small hardened crystal glass vial just under the left arm. As you wear the armor the vial gradually fills up with a pinkish orange liquid (depending on how the light hits it) and when activated the liquid injects into the wearer of the armor and imbues him with renewed vigor.

A suit of dwarven armor +1, daily action spend a healing surge

Varum also happened to mention that the man behind the thugs in the Gloaming is a gangster named Chains. Basso and Zardoz decided to try and ambush more of the thugs to ask some more questions, but the thugs were not cooperating. It seemed that the thugs were avoiding the pair because they are tired of getting beaten up. They attempted to disguise themselves but they’re just too well known in the Gloaming, due to Zardoz’s epic songs. They did stake out Stanus the Apothecary’s shop, which sits across from Mama Lusia’s, but didn’t have any luck finding the thugs.

During one of the fruitless stake-outs, commotion was heard in Gloaming Park. As the group arrived in the park there were sounds of cranes moving large amounts of construction material (including demolition equipment and piles of scaffolding) down through the opening at the top of the park. A foreman, Jaius Conisto, was shouting that the trees would have to come down to make way. The thought of demolishing the park and surrounding buildings for any construction project is pretty much scandalous to anyone who lives in the Gloaming so Basso and Zardoz decided to try and put things on hold until they could figure out what was really going on. Basso threatened them, but the workers weren’t much interested. Zardoz offered them beer to try and distract them, but they said they had just started the work day. Not to be deterred, Zardoz went to the bar to rouse the patrons by telling them the construction crew was going to tear down the bar. He was the pied piper of drunk people. Then the two went to the villa of Senator Horascus to see if legal action could be taken to stop them.

Zardoz’s smooth-talking managed to get them past the gate where they met with Bolium, a tall, bald man who worked for the Senator. Bolium assured them that this construction was not a legal action and that while there was a bill in the senate to build a new coliseum, it had not been passed yet nor would it if Senator Horascus had anything to say about it.

They returned to park only to find Mama Lusia wrapped around a tree and an agitated construction worker threatening to cut her in half. In response Basso interposed himself and threatened the workers with bodily harm if they didn’t shove off. Zardoz led a group of drunks to knock over one of the pieces of demolition equipment and mayhem ensued. The foreman was also challenged as to the legality of his documents. When all was said and done the party had succeeded in stopping the construction, at least for now.

Skill challenge to stop the construction. Basso missed with Intimidate. Zardoz succeeded with Diplomacy (rolled 37). Basso succeeded with Athletics (24). Zardoz succeeded with Diplomacy (getting the crowd to push over a crane). Basso failed to Bluff to get the plans from the foreman. Zardoz succeeded with Intimidate (21) to chase away the foreman.

The pair decided to try and find a forger who was able and willing to forge a senate decree, but nobody they found would touch that kind of work. And that was when it happened… Several rats formed into men right in front and behind them and they were in a fight for their lives. Scampering down to assist the two assassins were four dire rats. In the end all but one of the assassins was dead.

2 wererat types, and 4 dire rat minions

With promises of acceptance from the Gloaming, Zardoz managed to get Kernika, the were-rat assassin, to spill who hired him. Kernika revealed that Chains was behind the hit. Kernika also pointed out the warehouse where the Chains gang was holed up.



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