Chain Gang

The pottery barn

Bassianus, Zardoz, Synth, and Friedric confront the leader of the gang of thugs that have been harassing the Gloaming.


Steven, playing Bassianus (human fighter 2).

Marc, playing Zardoz (half-elven bard 2).

Steve, playing Synth the Red Hooded (human rogue 2).

Laura, playing Friedric, Belgrim, and Avigdor (changeling wizard 2).


Synth was walking down the streets of the Gloaming when he happened upon a really big thug beating up some unlucky fellow. Synth sidled up into the crowd and decided to take action. Sneaking up behind the brutish thug he opened the fight with a vicious attack to the neck. The thug didn’t like that one bit, but Synth was too fast for him and got off another stab before trying to shift back into the crowd. Attracted by the obvious sounds of a fight Basso and Zardoz, hurried to find the source of the scuffle. Basso acted quickly pushing his way thorough the crowd and smacking the thug with the flat of his blade. The thug tried one last attempt at Synth before he was subdued. Zardoz composed a ditty on the spot and passed around a hat collecting a surprising amount of gold.

Street thug: emerald claw sergeant (level 2 skirmisher [leader]).

At this time Friedric made his way onto the scene and made certain that everyone in the area knew he was there with a loud pronouncement. The party did not take a shine to the know-it-all wizard type though their impressions were probably colored by previous interactions with folks from the local arcane academy. Basso and Zardoz thanked Synth for taking the protection of the citizens of the Gloaming into his hands and offered to buy him a drink.

At the Golden Beam plans were discussed for going after Chains. Before much progress had been made Mariquus came by with his gambling game. Despite Basso and Zardoz’s attempts to not win too much money, Mariquus was cleaned out; he’s really not a very good gambler. Synth made out okay though.

Gambling: take turns rolling Bluff vs. everyone’s Sense Motive. Hand-wave the winnings.

After the gambling there was more discussion where Synth was invited to join in the attack on Chain’s warehouse. Just then an unkempt dwarf saw that the pitcher of beer on the table was flowing freely and sat down to offer us some information. The dwarf was Belgrim and he gave us a warning that Chains was not to be trifled with and then proceeded to drink and spill a fair amount of beer. It was decided that the best time to hit the warehouse would be at the crack of dawn since it was likely that their guard would be down. The group also set out to look for Avigdor because he was good in a fight.

Very soon after they started looking Avigdor turned up and dryly announced that he had found us rather than the other way around.

The next morning the group used the side entrance to make their way inside the warehouse. Synth made use of his talent for finding and disarming a bell and silently opening the door. A weak guard was taken down from behind and the party crept in. Synth managed to sneak into a corner and then Basso let out a battle cry and ran into the pottery filled warehouse. There were many crates of varying heights and a man in smooth black leather calmly eating breakfast at the far end of the room. Several minions were taken down before a very large and very stinky hulk of a man charged Avigdor and knocked him prone. Chains, the man in the leather, flew across the room and using an almost mechanical battle glove shot Avigdor and Basso with necrotic lightning but Basso managed to duck behind some crates and missed taking the blast. This left Avigdor in a bit of a bad way. Luckily Zardoz was there with a song and Synth jumped down from a crate surprising the big, stinky man.

Unfortunately the party was split into two groups, Basso on top of a crate holding off a rapier wielding assailant and several weaker guards on one side, and Synth and Avigdor who were being hounded by the stinky man and some guards. Zardoz was in the back hurling invectives, taunts, and witchfire into the enemy and generally keeping our spirits up. Despite his shiny new armor Basso was being grievously stabbed by the rapier wielding rogue to which he responded by kicking pottery onto the guys head and using the opening created by that to slash down at him. Zardoz managed to finish the guy off which was good because Avigdor was still under pressure from Mr. Stinky.

Chains gave a shout and all of the weaker guards made a fierce assault, ignoring their own peril, but mostly to little effect. He also continued to shoot bolts of lightning, chain lightning even, which weakened those who were hit. Synth went down to the furious onslaught and everyone was pretty injured. Chains flew a little too close and Basso grappled him, but before the party could take advantage Chains blasted Basso at point blank range and knocked him unconscious. Chains flew to the far end of the room and Avigdor tossed an unerringly accurate knife (magic missile, really) at him before taking cover. Given that he was all alone now and bloodied, Chains took the opportunity to fly out a high window escaping.

smelly thug: 1 bullywug mucker (level 1 brute)
weaker guards: 6 human gang member (level 1 minion)
rapier-wielding lieutenant: 1 bandit leader (level 3 soldier)
Chains: 1 Aric Blacktree (level 3 elite artillery [leader])

They did score some loot when they searched their prisoners and the crates in the pottery warehouse. Synth took a pair of goggles and Basso took a nasty sword. They also found some potions.

goggles of cannith, supremely vicious longsword, 2 potions of healing



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