Fire and Fury

Things get hot

Synth, Bassianus, and Friedric put out a fire in the home of Senator Harascus and deal with stealthy arsonists.


Steven, playing Bassianus (human fighter 2).

Steve, playing Synth the Red Hooded (human rogue 2).

Laura, playing Friedric, Belgrim, Avigdor, and Arrianna (changeling wizard 2).


Synth wanted to make contact with a strong group of thieves in the lower levels of Caldera. He spent a few days poking around in dangerous places, with little luck. However, he did find some of his gold missing, and in its place was a strange medallion filled with a golden sun with a crescent moon cut out of the middle.

Streetwise rolls.

Arrianna went “home” to the house of Auriel Talaitha, her mentor and the head of a powerful Sura household. As Avigdor, he visited Beznik, a senior mage at the Academy. Beznik is known for a wiley combination of street smarts and theory, but the mage could not help Avigdor with the mirrorrunning research he is doing.

Freeform role-play.

Basso also went home. There he bumped into his younger cousin Roderius, who needled him about his intelligence. Basso tried to show Roderius some of his clever moves, but failed. Basso’s father seemed proud of his deeds so far, and perked up when Senator Harascus was mentioned. His dad asked Basso to put in a good word for him so that he could get a good position in the city army.

One round of combat.

The heroes were hanging out at the Golden Beam when Bolium came running in, pleading for their help. “There’s a fire in the Senator’s house!”

Basso and Synth ran over to help. Friedric was already there, as he works for the Senator sometimes. When Synth ran into the library courtyard, he saw flames all over the rows of book shelves, but he was ambushed by some kind of arson-assassin. Synth got stabbed so hard that he staggered back out of the courtyard and hid in a stairwell while steeling his courage to go back in and fight.

The unseen foe (and his partner, who made himself apparent soon after) kept Basso and Synth at bay for a short time, but soon Basso had one the stealthy firestarters trapped in an alcove and gave him the what-for.

Meanwhile, Friedric single-handedly faced the fire, which turned out to be some kind of magical fire monster with a certain amount of evil sentience. Undeterred, Friedric used a spell to push the fire into the giant pool in the middle of the courtyard. While the fire did not extinguish, it was greatly weakened.

Synth came to help Friedric with the fire but the other stealthy arson intercepted him and kept him locked in melee for quite a while.

In due time, and not without much personal injury, the heroes vanquished one of the arsons and put out the fire.

1 kenku soldier (level 3 soldier), 1 kenku sneak (level 4 lurker), 1 pyrokinetically active conflagration (level 3 brute, courtesy of Daniel Levine)

The second arson (the soldier) escaped and they gave chase. They worked hard not to lose the stealthy criminal in the dark streets of Caldera, but he slipped out of their grasp.

Skill challenge. Used Streetwise, Athletics, Diplomacy. Failed by one success.

Bolium, the aide to Senator Harascus, thanked the party profusely (with words and gold), and offered Basso a job guarding the senator’s house.


Having stopped a nasty fire and getting into the senator’s good graces, the party advanced to 3rd level.

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