Bassianus Aloronus

Bassianus is often more brash than wise.


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Bassianus Alonorus is a tall dark-skinned human of the family Alonorus. He holds with the ways of the Arima including loyalty to his family and friends, honesty and first blood: combat is the final arbiter.

Basso, as his friends call him, is employed by Senator Horascus as a security consultant (read: well-payed guard). Basso has also taken it upon himself to thwart those who would do wrong to the people and neighborhood of the Gloaming.

Basso has honed his body into a weapon and uses weapons as extension of himself. He generally fights with a longsword in one hand a spiked gauntlet on the other. He is not afraid to fight dirty if the situation merits it. His usual repetoire of moves includes a smattering of martial arts and bar-room brawling moves. Basso will frequently grab his opponents to limit their mobility and gain advantage.

Basso wears a suit of near-military grade powered scale armor. This armor suit contains a self-recharging model H additive vial that injects a cocktail of adrenaline and mending reagents directly into the blood of it’s wearer. Basso also wears a set of razor bracers which makes it hazardous for others to try and grab him.



Bassianus Aloronus, a son of Captain Trempitio Aloronus of the Cerulside Guard, is often more brash than wise. It is lucky that he is a competent student at the Fexactium academy as, despite his young age, he has already ended up in several minor duels over insults given due to thoughtless or tawdry remarks. He was lucky to escape those with little more than a scratch here and there. His father had always encouraged him to live a care free childhood, but recently made it clear that the time has come for Basso to earn his own commission in the military. As such he has essentially been kicked out of the family house and told to come back when he has earned some measure of renown and is ready to enlist. It is at this crossroads that Basso finds himself.

Basso’s family has a military tradition and usually end up as infantry. They are of the Quaros (“Horsed”) caste. He has obtained training in the Nerathan (“third eye”) High Blade school of fencing a school that eschews use of shield or buckler and encourages a one vs. many style of fighting. The Nerathan school is part of the greater Fexactium academy. His favorite Nerathan master is fond of saying, “if there aren’t at least three of them it is hardly worth pulling out my blade.” As Basso is fond of running his mouth, and often doing so when he is outnumbered, this style of fighting suits him well. In order to deal with so many opponents the Nerathan fight “dirty” at least some of the other schools would say that using your off hand to grapple, punch, or otherwise slam a bar stool into the head of your opponent is dirty fighting.

Basso recently moved to the Gloaming to be closer to the academy.

Bassianus Aloronus

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