Half-Elf, Cunning Bard (Level 4)

Str 10 Int 13 (+1) HP: 43 (5/lvl) Int: 2 Fort: 15
Dex 11+1=12 (+1) Wis 12+1=13 (+1) Surge: 9 (10/day) AC: 18 Reflex: 15
Con 14+2=16 (+3) Cha 16+2=18 (+4) Speed: 6sq Will: 16
Allies within 10sq get +1 Racial Bonus to Diplomacy Lang: Common, Elven, Dwarven
Low Light Vision Feats: Bard of All Trades (+3)
Background: Criminal Feyborn Charm*
Initiate of the Faith
Guiding Strike (At Will) Impelling Force (Encounter)
Vicious Mockery (At Will)* Stirring Shout (Daily)
Focused Sound (Encounter) Healing Word (Daily)
Burning Spray (Encounter) Inspire Confidence (Utility)
Glib Limerick Lvl 1 Bard 10gp
Make Whole Lvl1 Arcana 20% of item
Unseen Servant Lvl1 Arcana 20gp
Acrobatics Dex +1 +4 UT +2 Level =7
Arcana (T) Int +1 +5 T +2 Level =8
Athletics Str +4 UT +2 Level =6
Bluff (T) Cha +4 +5 T +1 FC +2 Level =12
Diplomacy (T) Cha +4 +5 T +2 Racial +1 FC +2 Level =14
Dungeoneering Wis +1 +4 UT +2 Level =7
Endurance Con +3 +4 UT +2 Level =9
Heal Wis +1 +4 UT +2 Level =7
History Int +1 +4 UT +2 Level =7
Insight Wis +1 +4 UT +2 Racial +2 Level =9
Intimidate Cha +4 +4 UT +2 Level =10
Nature Wis +1 +4 UT +2 Level =7
Perception Wis +1 +4 UT +2 Level =7
Religion Int +1 +5 T +2 Level =8
Stealth Dex +1 +4 UT +2 Level =7
Streetwise Cha +4 +4 UT +2 Level =10
Thievery (T) Dex +1 +5 T +2 Level =8
Perform (T) Cha+4 +5 T +2 Level =11
Chainmail (Stylish and New) 40gp Standard Kit 15gp
Dagger (+3) 1d4 10/20 5gp Backpack, Bedroll, F&S
Longsword (+3) 1d8 15gp Pouch, Rations, Rope
Accordion 10gp Sunrods (2), Waterskin
Thieves’ Tools 20gp Healing Powder (10 HP)
Posh/Fancy Outfit (+2 to Diplomacy with Nobles) 100gp
Unseen Servant Focus 25gp
Magic Items
Wand of Witchfire Lvl 3 (680gp) (+1 to Hit, +1 Dam, +1d6 on Crit)
Daily: Witchfire
Wealth 52
Fame 608
Justice 70
Street 220

Warren was a spooky, weird kid who haunted the halls of Cookie’s Home for Displaced Children in Caldera. He could often be found at the edge of a group of children watching them at play, but seldom joining in himself. The only two things he ever really got engaged in were the daily sing-a-longs and the wild schemes of his “sister” Allyse.

Things changed dramatically the day he was adopted by a group of out-of-towners and promised a life of luxury and excitement. At first he was despondent about leaving his sister behind, but he was told that if he helped the crew earn enough money that they’d be able to afford to come back and get her. This of course was a lie.

The excitement part of the story was true, in the sense that Warren was reinvented as Zardoz: a singing, dancing distraction for a den of thieves who used his charms and talent as a backdrop for their criminal activities. The more he came out of his shell, the less willing he was to take orders from his adoptive family and one day he decided to return to Caldera, find Allyse and save the Orphanage. Zardoz figured the best way to accomplish both goals was to become as famous and rich as possible. Allyse would be sure to hear of him and they would be reunited, and the money could be used to improve the lives of the orphans so they’d never have to be adopted into disreputable families and be separated from their loved ones.

Total Given to Orphanage: 278gp


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