Gloaming map

The Gloaming is a second-level neighborhood in the central city. The neighborhood above it, Sunbridge, is largely apartments and shops that are starting to decline, and the area has been earmarked by the senate for redevelopment, though this is still in the planning stages. There is a small temple dedicated to Torchbearer in Sunbridge, and the temple extends down into the Gloaming, so the local people have a good relationship with the priests and priestesses.

Not far from Sunbridge and the Gloaming are three important schools: the Arcane Sciences Academy, the Fexactium Sword School, and the Old Caldera College. Because of its proximity to these schools and the relatively cheap housing, the Gloaming has become a home to numerous students of all kinds. The neighborhood is comprised mainly of three-story tenement buildings, though there are some individual houses here, many kept in the family for generations. Most notably, Senator Vetur Harascus has his residence here (and it’s been in the family for hundreds of years).

The town center is small but offers a rare treat in Caldera: a circle park with trees and a view of the sky through a large “hole” in the buildings above. In the center of the park is a geyser-fed fountain that bubbles throughout the year. The park itself is decorated with numerous sculptures by renowned artist, Iderak the Chiseler, who lives in the Gloaming.

Other attractions of the Gloaming are the local watering hole, the Golden Beam, and Mama Lusia’s Bakery. This is a very large ale house that caters to locals (“gloamers”) and students (“roamers”) and offers good entertainment most nights. Mama Lusia’s Bakery is a medium-sized bakery operation that fills the neighborhood with delicious aromas every morning and is a favorite of Gloaming citizens and university students.


Senator Vetur Harascus

The senator’s family has lived in the Gloaming for centuries. He’s a middle-aged human man who inherited his father’s estate, but who has many accomplishments of his own. Among the intellectual elite, he’s considered a progressive politician who does much to improve the city. Most other senators consider him a soft-hearted obstructionist.

His manor is takes up an entire city block and has several entrances plus a large inner courtyard with a view of the open air. He owns the buildings on top of his, as well, and rents them out as shops that sell books, writing and art supplies, and cheap food to the university students.

The senator is not home that much. He spends most of his time in the Curia (senate house) and visiting other politicians. When he is home, Vetur doesn’t like to be disturbed with business. Locals wishing to get some of his time need to get past Marus, his elderly house keeper, who has complete control of the house. Marus is soft for adventurers, but he likes to send them on troublesome errands before he’ll let them see the senator for anything.

Iderak the Chiseler

Iderak is a renowned dwarven sculptor who lives in a large flat in the Gloaming. He has a long contract with the Temple of Smoldering Sorrow (Torchbearer) to fill the inside of their temple with beautiful statues. He has donated his “flawed” creations to the neighborhood and they decorate Gloaming Park. The Chiseler is known to be a grouchy but good man.

Mama Lusia

Mama runs a medium-sized bakery in the Gloaming. She is a skinny old human woman who is a grandmother many times over. She thinks of anyone younger than 30 years to be a “wee child.”

The bakery is a complex operation and Mama oversees two dozen workers there, many of whom are her sons, daughters, or grandchildren. She’s always short on hands though, and she has a tendency to conscript neighborhood locals into doing her favors.

She makes special items herself, which are rumored to have magical properties. She gives these out to people who earn her love by helping her out whenever she asks. Let her down, and she stops giving out the tasty treats. These take many forms, and no one else knows her secret recipe.

Moriquus Landera

Moriquus owns and runs the local watering hole, called the Golden Beam. He is deeply in debt due to his addiction to gambling. His favorite game is Moon and Stars. Bastardized from an ancient arcane divining technique, the game requires luck and bluffing skills. Moriquus is a middle-aged human.


Kunathia is an young half-elven woman who lives in a cheap apartment in the Gloaming and sings at the Golden Beam. She has built a small following, due to a combination of staggering good looks and large talent. Since joining up with Zardoz, she’s become even more popular.


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