Story Summary

An assassin assaults a senator on a busy street

This is a summary of campaign events. For more detailed information, see the Adventure Log.

The Gloaming

Play centers on events in the Gloaming, a neighborhood in Caldera. The little neighborhood inhabits a small part of the second layer down (from the top) and is nestled in the middle of the city.

The Gloaming is a sort of college town, though the colleges and universities to which it caters are technically outside the neighborhood. Many adventures feature The Golden Beam, a busy tavern that offers live entertainment and gambling, Mama Lusia’s, a bakery that offers the tastiest of treats, and the sprawling manor house of Senator Harascus.

Every player character has some tie to the Gloaming. Some suggestions for ties for new characters:

  • You attend one of the schools and live nearby or in the Gloaming.
  • You work at one of the Gloaming’s shops.
  • You frequent the Golden Beam and are friends with its proprietor, Moriquus.
  • You frequent Mama Lusia’s and are friends or family of Mama herself.
  • Your family has lived in the Gloaming for a long time. You grew up here.


Until recently, the Gloaming was a quiet and peaceful little neighborhood. Sure, there were occasional bar fights at the Golden Beam, but real violence and crime was rare.

A few months ago, that all changed. It seems some organized crime gangs have taken an interest in the Gloaming. They have been mugging people, shaking down shops for “protection” money, and worse. They killed the son of Senator Harascus. They also hired assassins to burn his house down, though this was thwarted by the heroes. They hired a wizard, Fucking Varkonius, to create paintings that attracted giant ants to the basement under Mama Lusia’s bakery and to the roof of a local apartment. They even sent assassins to kill the heroes; these, too, were thwarted. At some point, someone seems to have forged a senator’s signature to send a wrecking crew to Gloaming Park. The heroes stopped the destruction before any buildings were knocked down.

Though there’s no connection to the other crime yet, some kind of evil summoner demon came to the Gloaming and summoned a horrible energy cloud monster. Dozens of neighborhood residents were injured or killed before the heroes could stop it and kill the summoner.

The heroes have so far been successful in stopping the worst crime. They tracked Fucking Varkonius to his art store in Minotaur (a deep, dangerous neighborhood in Caldera) and killed him. They tracked the thugs back to a pottery warehouse and eliminated the gang, though the leader (Chains) escaped using some kind of flying magic. Chains appears to be building up a new gang and the heroes have not figured out where his new HQ is.

Other Exploits

There are numerous side stories. Here are a few of them.

The Dragon

The heroes found a “drake” chained up in Fucking Varkonius’ bedroom. It turned out to be a very young dragon with his wings clipped. They freed and befriended the dragon and found it a home in a noble household in Cerulside. Unfortunately, the noble family keeps the dragon locked up in a large cage like a zoo animal. The intelligent dragon is sad and lonely. The heroes have been back to Cerulside to visit a couple times.

Songs of their Exploits

Zardoz the bard is one of the Gloaming’s biggest stars. He writes songs about the heroes’ exploits and performs them to packed crowds at the Golden Beam. The group’s notoriety has caused them trouble a couple times when they weren’t able to stop people from recognizing them. They often meet other people who know the songs.

Zardoz is working on an operetta to be performed by kids from his old orphanage as a fundraiser.

Access to the Senator

Senator Harascus is a busy man and he generally does not make time for people below his station. The heroes have done a few good deeds for the senator, however, and they have earned the attention of the senator’s main advisor, Bolium.

Bassianus was asked by his father to put in a good word for him with the senator. His dad needs political sponsorship to rise any further in the military ranks.

A Modern-Day Robin Hood

Synth the Red Hooded wants to help people escape Caldera if they want to leave. To fund his operation, he’s begun robbing the rich. He found a cruel labor foreman and tried to rob him but had to tuck tail and run when the foreman caught him red-handed and beat Synth nearly to death with a table leg.

Story Summary

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