The Busy (and Deadly) Streets of Caldera
Summoning a monster

Basso and Synth search for Chain, and then stop an evil demon from summoning a horrible energy monster into the streets of the Gloaming.

Fire and Fury
Things get hot

Synth, Bassianus, and Friedric put out a fire in the home of Senator Harascus and deal with stealthy arsonists.

Chain Gang
The pottery barn

Bassianus, Zardoz, Synth, and Friedric confront the leader of the gang of thugs that have been harassing the Gloaming.

Wrecking Crew
Foiling the Villainous Senator Alabor

Zardoz and Bassianus foil a senator’s plot to bring a wrecking crew to the Gloaming. They also fend off some wererat assassins.

How to Get Rid of a Dragon
Confronting fucking Varkonius

Basso, Zardoz, and Avigdor fight the treacherous Fucking Varkonius, free a baby dragon, and find it a home.

The Plot Thickens
More ants, and a journey into deeper Caldera

Bassianus, Zardoz, and Markul save some people from giant ants, talk to a wizard-professor about the magical paintings, and track down the painter: Fucking Varkonius.

Humble Beginnings
Trouble afoot in the Gloaming

Bassianus and Konton investigate the rise of violence in the Gloaming and help Mama Lusia with pest control.


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