Caste Arima

Warriors & Leaders

The Arima caste is comprised of two groups: the Korinia (“Crowned”) and the Quaros (“Horsed”). The Korinia trace their lineage back to 8 of the 64 original city senators who wore thin gold diadems to announce their ruling status. The Quaros families descend from other old, important families.

Arima enjoy the most freedoms within the city, such as the right to wear armor and bear weapons openly within the city and to hold the most important offices (including positions in the Senate). These aristocrats tend to live in palatial complexes in the best part of the city.

Members of this caste are held to the Arimalia, a Code of Honor enforced by all fellow caste members. The Code holds three ideas:

  1. Blood is heavier than gold. Value blood relationships over wealth. Arima never take advantage of their brethren.
  2. Blood is better than bruises. Avoid dishonor to oneself and one’s family. Arima protect their reputation over all other things.
  3. Sealed with Blood. Your word is your bond. Arima do not lie.
  4. First Blood. Combat is the final arbiter of justice. Arima settle many problems through duels.

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Caste Arima

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