Caste Benevor

Merchants & Artisans

The Benevor (“good men”) caste is comprised of two groups: the Fiasi (“Makers”) and the “Ventheros” (“Sellers”). The Fiasi are the only citizens who can buy permits to build and make things. The Ventheros are the only people allowed to buy and sell large quantities of goods, own stores, and import and export goods.

Benevor caste members tend to be skilled laborers and they tend to come from a dozen or two large and wealthy mercantile families, operated sorta like guilds, but much more like a olden-day Mafia. However, individual members don’t necessarily share their family’s wealth and are expected to prove themselves without help from the family. Also, only a small percentage of a guild family are actually members of that family, and those family members tend to fill the leadership positions.

Each individual guild has its own requirements, but they all tend to have some variation of these four rules:

  1. Your first allegiance is to the family/guild.
  2. Obey the rules of the guild at all costs.
  3. Do not make or sell inferior merchandise.
  4. Maximize profits.

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Caste Benevor

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