Caste Kura

Mages & Priests

The Kura caste is comprised of two groups: the Chantos (“Those Who Pray”) and the Oribili (“Circle-Drawers”). The Chantos are the only people legally permitted to hold a priestly position in one of the temples, and the Oribili are the only people allowed to study arcane magic in the Temple of Mysteries. Note that divine and arcane spellcasters of all types exist outside the Kura cast, but they must hide their magic.

Upon reaching adulthood, members of the Kura caste (whether they command magical power or not) swear an Oath, with four tenants:

  1. I shall use my power to the better of the city.
  2. I shall never use my power to harm the city.
  3. I shall use my power to protect the city.
  4. I shall hunt down those who misuse their power.

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Caste Kura

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