Permitted Races Chart

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Race Source1 Status2
Humans PHB base race
Changeling PHB2 mutated race
Deva PHB2 individuals, see God Touched
Dragonborn PHB mutated race
Drow FRPG individuals, see God Touched
Duergar PHB individuals, see God Touched
Dwarf PHB base race
Eladrin PHB base race, see Elf
Elf PHB base race
Gargoyle original individuals
Genasi FRPG individuals, see God Touched
Githzerai PHB3 prohibited
Gnome PHB2 base race, see Dwarf
Goliath PHB2 prohibited, but see Gargoyle
Half-Elf PHB base race, see Elf
Half-Orc PHB2 see Orc
Halfling PHB individuals
Kalashtar EPG prohibited
Kenku MM2 base race
Mura (Ratling) MM mutated race
Orc MM mutated race
Shifter PHB2 individuals
Tiefling PHB individuals, see God Touched
Warforged EPG prohibited, but see Gargoyle
Wilden PHB3 individuals

1 Sources include the PHB, PHB2, PHB3, MM, MM2, FRPG, and EPG.

2 Base races are true races in the setting and existed in some form before city magic created new races. Mutated races are magically changed forms of base races. Prohibited races do not exist at all in this setting, though often there is a suitable replacement. “Individuals” means that while there is no race of these creatures, there might be one or two unique individuals who have this race’s qualities (with the permission of your DM and friends). God Touched is a special, rare, magical mutation (that I will probably get rid of).

Permitted Races Chart

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