This is an unfinished page that starts to document the religion of the people of Caldera.


The people of Caldera do not generally believe in deities from “before time.” Instead, their deities were once people of the Earth who became powerful and so purely exemplified an idea that, when they died, their spirit lived on and continued to protect and advance that idea.
While the people worship many deities, various races seem to have their favorites. The humans focus their worship on four gods and four goddesses, affectionately called “the Lords and Ladies.”

The Four Kind Ladies

Tursa the Torchbearer Goddess of light in dark places, protector of the lost and alone
Jovanna the Sword of Justice Goddess of civil rights, protector of the downtrodden and abused
Amatha the Queen of the Bowl Goddess of nourishment and shelter, protector of the homeless and hungry
Senisa the Spider in the Mind Goddess of sanity and wisdom, protector of fools and the insane

The Four Potent Lords

Zayarus the Golden Farmer God of grains and wine, the sun and the sky, patron of farmers and drunks
Galatrius the Spear of Victory God of battle and contests, armies, patron of soldiers and brawlers
Kurin the Master of Mysteries God of intelligence and knowledge, magic, patron of leaders and sorcerers
Pharum the Naked Man God of sex and childbirth, family lines, patron of mothers and fathers


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